I work with costume and wigs.

I love horror, 1950's, music, Christmas, Star Wars, guys with nose rings and cuddles. I do reblog a lot of porn, so please don't follow me or whatever if you're underage. A man who can wear a three piece suit...yum


-justlivinlife--deactivated2014 asked
Hey! I think that you're really really pretty, and incredibly sexy and pretty goddamn hot, but that's a given haha I don't know if you do this kind of thing but I was wondering if you sext at all and If you want to then just message back, or we can just talk! :) Either way my kik is dssaavedra but you don't have one... I'm a male and 19 years old haha Hope to hear from you soon :) I'm sorry I know this sounds really stupid... But I just had to ask... Have a great day :)

Awwwww that’s cute. A) you’re far too young. B) this is a little weird. C) right now I’m cooking for my boyfriend. in my home, where I live with my boyfriend. So no thank you. Thanks for the offer though! Maybe next time you try flatter someone in to dirty talk, don’t go as ott? You come across as a little bit needy and that’s not attractive when first talking to someone.